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Who are we ?

inov3PT, the Agricultural Technical Institute of Seed Potato, carries out research, development and innovation work at the request of the FN3PT, National Federation of Seed Potato Growers (Association of Growers Organisations).

The team is made up of 34 people, spread over several sites in Growers Organizations (Achicourt, 62 and Hanvec, 29) but also at its partners INRAE - UMR IGEPP (Le Rheu, 35 and Ploudaniel, 29), CNRS - Institute of Integrative Cell Biology (Gif-sur-Yvette, 91), University of Picardie Jules Verne (Amiens, 80) and the ANSES Plant Health Laboratory (Angers, 49).

inov3PT presentation video

FN3PT presentation video


The board 

Jean-Charles Quillet

Administrator members
Eric Fallou
President FN3PT

Jean-François Roussel
President Comité Nord

Dominique Morvan
President Bretagne Plants

Pierre Loiselle, Benoît Vauquelin, Enrick De Brabandère
Vice-Chairmen Comité Nord

Nicolas Raflé
Vice-Chairman Bretagne Plants

Jean-François Philippe
Vice-Chairman Comité Centre et Sud

Jean-François Bihart
Board member of Bretagne Plants

Anthony Cadet
Treasurer Bretagne Plants

Other members
Bernard Quéré
Director FN3PT, inov3PT, France Plants

Jean-Yves Abgrall
Director Bretagne Plants

Philippe Laty
Director Comité Centre et Sud

Eric Nirdol
Director Comité Nord, SIPRE

Christophe Dargier
IT and digital manager FN3PT/inov3PT

Yves Le  Hingrat
Scientific manager inov3PT

Virginie Gobert
Head of scientific communication and dissemination inov3PT


Main Agricultural Technical Institute locations and network 


Research programme (2023-2027)


The Scientific and Technical Council (STC)

The inov3PT Scientific and Technical Council (STC), renewed in 2023, is responsible for providing its support and expertise in drawing up recommendations for the Board of Directors, in particular through the folowing missions :

  • give its opinion or make proposals on the scientific and technical direction of research in the seed potato sector, on its implementation and on partnerships,

  • examine and give its opinion on research and development programmes submitted for public funding,

  • validate forward-looking studies based on advances in research and the needs of the seed potato sector,

  • propose procedures for the scientific evaluation of research and development projects

The STC is made up of independent scientists, with experts from the scientific world (INRAE, CNRS, universities, ANSES) and associate members representing official bodies and the socio-economic environment.

Eric Quéméneur
Président du CST inov3PT
Directeur général adjoint et Directeur Scientifique de Transgène

Jean-Pierre Goffart
Directeur général adjoint CRA-W (Centre wallon de Recherches Agronomiques)

Stéphane Jézéquel
Directeur scientifique ARVALIS

Bernadette Julier
Directeur de recherche INRAE INSA-Lyon BF2I

Claire Prigent-Combaret
Directeur de recherche CNRS 5557

Yvan Rahbé
Directeur de recherche INRAE INSA-Lyon BF2I

Philippe Reignault
Directeur du laboratoire de la santé des végétaux, Directeur de la santé des végétaux ANSES



Eric Quéméneur
Chairman of the STC inov3PT
Executive Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer of Trangène

Jean-Pierre Goffart
Executive Vice President CRA-W (Walloon Centre for Agronomic Research))

Stéphane Jézéquel
Scientific Director ARVALIS

Bernadette Julier
Research Director INRAE INSA-Lyon BF2I

Claire Prigent-Combaret
Research Director CNRS 5557

Representative of ministries and public establishments, official or technical development bodies and other partners

Didier Andrivon
INRAE IGEPP Research Director, co-leader of UMT Innoplant2

Marie-Claire Kerlan
INRAE IGEPP research engineer, co-leader of UMT Innoplant2

Medhi Siné
Scientific, Technical and Digital Director, ACTA, Scientific, Technical and Internatinal Department

Mannino Maria-Rosaria, Sophie Szilvasi (representing the State at inov3PT for the PDAR)
DGAL, Plant Health Office

Sylvain Halftermeyer
General Secretary of the seed potato section, Sector Coordination Departement, SEMAE

Fabienne Maupas
Director of the Technical and Scientific Department of the ITB

Jean-Christophe Naudin
Head of plant sector exports, FranceAgrimer International Department

DGER/SESRI/SDRICI/BRI representatives (Directorate-Generalfor Education and Research/Sub-Directorate for Research, Innovation and International Cooperation/Research and Innovation Office) 

Scientists (continued)

Yvan Rahbé
Research Director INRAE INSA-Lyon BF2I

Philippe Reignault
Director of the Plant Health Laboratory, Director of Plant Health ANSES


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